Androtest (Testosterone Pro Hormone) - 6000mg (6 gram) Powder. (30 Day Supply)

Androtest (Testosterone Pro Hormone) - 6000mg (6 gram) Powder. (30 Day Supply)

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Cyclo 4-AD pro hormone Androtest will beat anything else currently available on the market today. With Cyclo 4-AD being a non-methylated pro hormone, you can stack this within other PH for the ultimate stack for supercharged muscle and strength gains.

  • Rapid muscle and strength gains
  • The number 1 solution for super-high test levels
  • Cyclodextrin technology maximises testosterone output
  • The perfect choice to add as a stack to other prohormones
  • Non-methylated
  • Supports libido
  • Enhances wellbeing and recovery from exercise
  • Cyclo 4-AD converts at a high ratio IN the body to testosterone, bypassing issues of testosterone being broken down when taken orally as the conversion happens inside the body.
  • By far the most potent testosterone pro hormone ever invented
  • Unique cyclodextrin formula ensures greater delivery of testosterone
  • Rapid muscle mass gains
  • Huge libido increase
  • Improved central nervous system activation 
  • Improves power and strength quickly
  • Not methylated so liver safe
  • Better sexual performance 



Cycl 4-AD 6000mg (6g) 99.9% Purity (lab tested)

Serving Size: 200mg spread evenly throughout the day. 100mg am then 100mg pm.

not recommended to use longer than 30 days