YK-11 Powder - 2000mg (2 gram) - Serious Lean Muscle Mass

YK-11 Powder - 2000mg (2 gram) - Serious Lean Muscle Mass

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YK-11 is a compound that binds itself to the androgen receptors of the muscle so effectively that it has the ability to provide impressive gains in lean muscle. In fact, preliminary research has shown that YK-11 has a stronger anabolic effect than traditional steroids.

YK-11 Is gaining interest from bodybuilders and athletes due to its ability to build muscle quickly with minimal side effects. The YK molecule is similar in effect to some other S.A.R.M’s but with the structure of a steroid. It is similar to DHT which is a naturally occurring hormone in the body crucial for male development.

YK-11 has been found to inhibit myostatin which is a protein produced in the body that prevents muscle cell growth and differentiation. Therefore, blocking myostatin will increase muscle cell growth and differentiation. It does this by increasing follistatin, which is a naturally occurring protein that suppresses myostatin. Myostatin is what prevents the muscles from getting too large. 

The problem with getting too big, is the pressure that it puts on the joints. YK-11 has been shown in a study to increase bone growth by affecting DHT-like pathway (through activation of protein kinase B which sends signals to increase the activity of bone-building cells)

YK-11 is not known to be hepatotoxic, meaning it is not damaging to the liver. However, due to the androgenic properties it is recommended to use an on-cycle supplement.


  • Enhances muscle mass via myostatin inhibition
  • No hepatotoxicity so safe to stack with other SARM products
  • Faster muscle growth than natural testosterone boosters
  • Create extreme strength and muscle mass
  • No estrogenic side effects



Servings Per Container: 2000mg (2 gram)

Serving Size: 10mg (10mg micro scoop provided)

Amount Per Serving: Cardarine 20mg

Directions: 20mg twice a day split evenly.  am/pm